photo by Dana Damewood

photo by Dana Damewood

how to sell your books

At Jackson Street Booksellers, we buy and sell books daily. If you have books that you would like for us to consider, you may bring them in during our regular business hours. We will make you an offer in cash or offer 20% more in store trade.

To save you a little heavy lifting, please check the list below for types of books that we do not buy:

  • Book Club Editions
  • Textbooks
  • Ex-Library Books
  • Romances
  • Out-of-date Travel Guides
  • Computer Programming Manuals
  • Anything that is highlighted or underlined
  • Any book which has a broken binding or missing pages.

If you have a large quantity of books that you would like to sell, please see our "House Calls" tab on our home page.

How to determine if a book is a book club edition...

Not sure whether a book is a book club edition? Here are some tips:

  • Does the book have a price on the inside of the front dust jacket flap? If the book is popular fiction, mystery or literature, no price indication is a pretty good indicator of the book being a book club edition.
  • Does the book have a small square or circle on the bottom right corner of back board? This mark is a mark from the publisher to indicate a book club edition.
  • Does the book feel "lighter" than it should? Many times, the paper used in book club editions is of lesser quality than trade edition.

Of course, there are exceptions to these rules, most notably from academic presses, but they should give you some basic critieria by which to judge. If you are confused or have any questions, just give us a call. 

You can reach Jackson Street books at 402-341-2664 or at


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